Friday, 26 August 2016

Surface Pro

1. Travel light.
2. Locate the fish.
3. Approach them on your eyelashes.
4. Keep things simple.

As the currant bun was out today, basking bream were once again on the agenda. More than likely they'd be well up in the water and making themselves easy to locate, right? Sure enough, they proved to be as predictable as they were slimy. And very obliging they were, too. Slow sinking free-lined bread did the business again - it doesn't get much simpler than that. Five fish in an hour and a half, the largest of which (at 3lb 1oz) putting an alarming bend in my fibreglass travel landing net pole! Who says bream don't feed on the surface?!

Note to self: Barbless hooks are a must when using with this Maver landing net. It is a hook magnet, and I literally had to cut the line (and the mesh!) and re-tie the hook on after every fish. This doesn't happen with my Dinsmore match net!

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